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Grades PK, K and 1 (2020-2021)

Posted on September 6, 2020

Sunday, May 9 (Update from Michelle Nelson)
Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

I hope you were able to connect with family, spend some time outdoors or just relax on this lovely Sunday.
It’s hard to believe that this morning was our last Sunday morning class together.  It seems like this year has flown by!  We finished our final story which is about Joseph and talked about the importance of forgiveness, we drew illustrations for our Torah stories and had one last trip to Israel with Grover.
Next week we will be together again for our Siyyum to end the year with the whole school.  I hope to see you on Sunday afternoon in person at Temple Israel too! Please see emails from Robin for more information about next Sunday.
It has been my pleasure to spend the year with your students and I can’t wait for a time when we can learn together in person!
Sunday, May 2 (Update from Michelle Nelson)
Hello PK/K/1 Families!
I hope that you were all able to enjoy the wonderful weather this afternoon!
Today we took a quick trip to Israel with our friend Grover to see some of the sights in the northern part of the country.  We discussed how all the places Grover has taken look a little different just like the different parts of the United States.  We explored ways to get along with other people by sharing and being respectful as part of our study of the story of Jacob and Esau and read our very last Torah story for the first time.  Our movement break today was all the tricky letters from our Aleph Bet Yoga!
Next week we will wrap up our study of Joseph as well as continue working on an illustration project we started today.

Students illustrated their first page of a project we are working on.  Ask them to share and explain the illustration to you.

I look forward to seeing everyone again next Sunday!
Sunday, April 11, 2021 (Update From Michelle)

Hello PK/K/1 Families!

It was so lovely to be back together with all of our friends.  We heard knock-knock jokes in the later class and shared our favorite ways to eat matzah in the early session!
Both classes helped us fill in some of the details of our Torah stories today.  Our fill-in-the-blank activity allowed everyone to share some information about our stories and help us to complete summaries with missing words.  In celebration of Yom Ha’atzmaut, our movement break was some fun Israeli dancing filled with tons of jumping and hand motions.  I even saw some guest dancers joining us from your homes! In our new story today we met Jacob and Esau, the twin sons of Rebecca and Issac.  We learned that Jacob took two special things that belonged to Esau and ran away from home because Esau was so mad.
When we are together next, we will read the story of Jacob and Esau from a different source to see if there are any details we can add.  We will be exploring the idea of respect and we will be meeting Jacob’s favorite son, Joseph.

Ask your student to share their favorite Torah story with you.  They are really good at retelling stories!

Our next class will be on May 2nd.  Enjoy the next two Sundays as a part of your April Vacation!
Sunday, March 21, 2021 (Update from Michelle)

Hello PK/K/1 Families!

Congratulations to the Grade 1 students and families on their Wimple Presentations.  It was so wonderful to spend the afternoon with you to celebrate.
Passover is coming and the students are well prepared!  They are looking forward to finding the afikomen and eating charoset, but aren’t as excited for maror.  Each group shared their best recipe for salt water too!  Today we unscrambled pictures and put them in the order that they go in in the Torah.  It was a great way to review all of our stories. To conclude our study of Rebecca and to reflect on her kindness we made our very own Kindness Calendars.  Students identified four things they could do over the next week to show kindness to others.
When we return on April 11th we will meet Jacob and Esau, Isaac and Rebecca’s sons. This story will spark some learning about keeping the peace, doing the right thing and being honest.
Ask your student to share their Kindness Calendar with you. There are some great ideas on there like picking up trash to help the Earth, giving your families hugs, helping to clean and cook for Passover and much more!
Our next meeting will take place on April 11.  We are observing Passover the next two Sundays.
I wish you all a sweet Passover.
Sunday, March 14, 2021 (Update from Michelle Nelson)

Hello PK/K/1 Families!

As much as losing that hour of sleep wasn’t my favorite, the extra sunlight in the afternoon is so great!  It’s almost spring!
Having everyone together is always so much fun!  Today is Rosh Chodesh, the start of a new month.  We welcomed Nissan by looking at the moon phases and learning that the New Moon is the moon that is present on Rosh Chodesh.  Some students even knew that the New Moon is the one that you can’t see. We read the story of Rebecca from a different source and heard that Rebecca was chosen to be Isaac’s wife because she was like Abraham, she saw that something needed to be done and ran and hurried and did it. To review our Torah stories we played Bingo!  Students were given clues about the words we were looking for and worked to get four in a row.  It was a blast for everyone!
Next week we will be finishing our study of Rebecca by looking into the quality of kindness and doing mitzvot for others. We will be making a kindness calendar together.
For our movement break today we played Shimon Omer.  Ask your child to share with you some of the motions and Hebrew words we used.
Have a wonderful week!
Sunday, March 7, 2021 (Update from Michelle Nelson)

Hello PK/K/1 Families!

Today was filled with fascinating conversations!  We discussed how the moon looks when it’s a new Jewish month,  learned about life on a kibbutz and chatted about The Kotel.  Today was the last time we will meet in the month of Adar, next month will be Nissan, meaning there will be a New Moon soon.  On a Kibbutz everyone shares the responsibilities and works together.  They need to be kind and patient which we saw in a quick video about Israel. People pray and put notes in the wall at the Kotel which was the picture on the puzzle we made as a group by earning pieces for each part of the Torah stories we could accurately retell.

Next week we will be playing some fun group games to help us review our Torah stories.  We will also be brainstorming acts of kindness that we can do during the week.
Our new Torah story was about Rebecca, the woman who is chosen to marry Isaac.  Ask your student to share what was special about Rebecca that made the servant think she would be a good wife for Isaac.

Next week all students will meet at our regular Zoom link at 10:00am.  We will be learning altogether!

Have a wonderful week!
Sunday Update from Michelle Nelson (February 7, 2021)

Hello PK/K/1 Families!

Today we were joined in class by Sponge Bob Square Pants, a doctor, some animals and more as we celebrated Purim together!  Students shared about how they celebrated the holiday by dressing up, eating hamantaschen and hearing the Megillah reading.  We met our new friend Melanie who will be joining us to learn each Sunday morning.  Something that she likes about being Jewish is all of the connections she has made to other people through Temple Israel, going to Jewish overnight camp and taking trips to Israel.  We helped get Melanie caught up on our Torah stories by sharing the main idea of the ones we already know.  We also took a quick virtual trip to Mt. Carmel where they make special pita which we think would taste delicious with hummus or falafel.  Students also noticed some differences between the market on Mt. Carmel and the one they shop with their families.

Next week we will meet Rebecca, the woman who is chosen to marry Isaac.  We will also be thinking about acts of kindness, like the one that Rebecca does in the story and how we can be kind to others too.
To introduce ourselves to Melanie, students drew something to represent what they like about being Jewish.  Ask your student to share their drawing with you.
Have a wonderful week!
Sunday Update from Michelle Nelson (February 7, 2021)

Hello PK/K/1 Families!

What an exciting experience we had today!  It was a pleasure to share a story with Ambassador Meron!  The students in our class asked great questions and made wonderful connections to the story and to Ambassador Meron too!  In the classroom, we learned about the job of the people that work in a Consulate and discussed what it means to be Israeli.  We explored the Kinneret in Israel, where most of the drinking water in Israel comes from, and read about how Abraham and Sarah were told they would have a son.  We finished our morning by identifying which groups represented a minyan, a group of at least ten Jewish people.
When we meet again, we will be learning about Rebecca, the woman who is chosen to marry Isaac.  We will also visit a new place in Israel and start a unit on kindness to others.
Ask your student which animals from the story Ambassador Meron shared were their favorites and why. I personally like the dove best of all.
Our next class is on Sunday, February 28th.  Enjoy the February break!


Sunday Update from Michelle Nelson (January 31, 2021)

Hello PK/K/1 Families!

Today started with our quick tour of Tzvat.  Tzvat is a city in Israel known for the many artists who live and work there.  The city is one thousand years old and is made of intricate bricks. Before reading our new story we took turns sharing the most important parts of the stories we already know.  Students are quickly becoming experts on the story of Creation and Adam and Eve. Our new story focuses on Abraham.  God chooses Abraham to be the father of a great nation but Abraham and his wife Sarah have no children.  Finally, when Abraham and Sarah are very old, they have a son named Issac.  We learned that Abraham once questioned God.  God noticed that the people in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were not good people.  God told Abraham that the cities would be destroyed and Abraham asked if God could spare the cities if there were at least ten good people there.  It turned out that there was only one good family. God told this family to leave the cities and then they were destroyed.
Next week we will have a special guest reader in our class from 10:15-10:45, Ambassador Meron Reuben from the Israeli Consulate in Boston.  Please check your emails from Robin for more information about this program.  In the classroom we will continue our study of Abraham by focusing on how Abraham helps others..  
We’ve been practicing our Hebrew in class.  Ask your student to share some of the Hebrew they might know.  We are working on numbers, parts of the body like hands, mouth and head,  and greetings too.
Have a wonderful week!
Sunday Update from Michelle – January 24, 2020

Hello PK/K/1 Families!

It is always such a pleasure to spend Sunday mornings with the students in PK/K/1!
Today we got a quick virtual tour of Jaffa, the port city of Israel on the Mediterranean Sea.  We learned that it is 3000 years old!  Natick isn’t even 400 years old.  For our movement break, we practiced tree pose on both feet to get us ready for the upcoming Tu B’Shevat holiday.  Our learning related to the Tower of Babel had students thinking about what it means to be humble and how doing something for other people benefits everyone.
Next week we will complete our study of the Tower of Babel and visit a new city in Israel.  Our 1st-grade students will be invited to participate in a WImple Workshop with their families from 10-11am.
Every student made and shared their own tower during our class today.  Ask your student to describe their tower, what it was made of, and how it was shaped.
Have a wonderful week!
Mid-Week Update from Cheryl – Thursday, January 21, 2021

Hello PK/K/1 families –

Last week in Religious School we started talking about Tu B’Shevat. We had a wonderful guest read a story about planting trees in Israel. We talked about why we should celebrate trees. Our guest taught us the 7 species of fruit/grain mentioned in the Torah.

This coming week we will continue to talk about Tu B’Shevat and celebrating trees and other living things. Please make sure your child has their Tu B’Shevat pamphlet available.

Ask your child if they remember what the communities in Israel that helped turn the desert green are called!

A good Shabbat and week to all,

Cheryl Gelfand

Sunday Update from Michelle – Sunday, January 10, 2021

Hello PK/K/1 Families!

Happy New Year to you all!  I hope that the fresh start to 2021 has been great so far and that you are all looking forward to a new secular year.
To start our new secular year together we began with a new story.  Today we read the Tower of Babel.  This story is about the people wanting to build a tower all the way to the heavens.  God did not agree with this decision and made it challenging for the people to communicate so that they could not build their tower.
Next time we meet, we will continue our learning about the Tower of Babel and will practice building together over Zoom.  Our Kindergarten students will be learning a new letter, samech.
Students loved our virtual trip to Israel so much that we are continuing to visit different cities during our time together through quick video postcards. Today we traveled to Eilat.  Ask your students about the Eilat area and what activities you can enjoy there.
Our next Sunday morning class will be on January 24th.  There is no class next Sunday morning but I do look forward to seeing you for Tefilah on Shabbat morning.
Sunday Update from Michelle – Sunday, December 20, 2020

Hello PK/K/1 Families!

It is so hard to believe that today was the last Sunday morning class of 2020!  It seems like time is flying by.
Today we concluded our visit to Israel with Ayal.  We explored the shuk where you can buy tons of food items.  We shopped with Ayal to get the ingredients to make our own hummus.  I was super impressed by the delicious looking hummus you made and that everyone gave it a try. When we met together as a class, we reflected on our Israel trip and learned a little more about Tel Aviv, did some drawing and practiced our Hebrew numbers during our movement break.  We finished up our study of Noah’s Ark by thinking about what it means to “walk with God”.  We decided that it means to do the things that God wants us to do which lead us to a discussion about following the rules and doing the right thing so that everyone can be safe and happy.
When we return in 2021 we will be focusing on the Tower of Babel before we meet Abraham and his family.  We will continue to review all the stories we have already read together and will use our movement breaks to engage with vocabulary, numbers, holidays and more.
Students made Thank You pictures for Ayal.  Ask your student what they drew.  If you can take a quick picture of it and send it back to me sometime this week, we can forward them to Ayal along with the picture of us sharing our pictures which you can view attached to this email
Our next Sunday morning class will be on January 10th.  We will have the next two Sundays off as a part of Winter Break.  I hope you enjoy the time off with your families.


Sunday, December 13, 2020 – Update from Michelle

Happy Hanukkah!

Thank you so much for sharing such lovely Hanukkah greetings and the incredibly generous gift.  It was a wonderful surprise and the messages you included truly brightened my day.
Our third visit to Israel was filled with tons of things to see!  We traveled all over Israel and learned about the different climates and geographical features.  At the end of the session we had the opportunity to create our own watercolor masterpieces. I can’t wait to see them all!  When we met together as a class we learned more about Haifa, Boston’s sister city in Israel, and compared some of the features they both have in common like being on the water, having a port and having a building with a golden dome.  We read a story called Professor Noah’s Spaceship which is a different way of retelling the story of Noah and during our movement break we pretended that we were dreidels by spinning and then doing the yoga move for one of the letters on the dreidel.  Each student got to choose a letter and it was super silly and fun.
Next week is our final visit to Israel.  We will be exploring through taste and smell.  Make sure you have your bags, are near a blender and have a can opener and spatula available.  We will be finishing our study of the story of Noah when we meet together as a class for our last class session of 2020.
Please ask your student to share with you their watercolor of Israel.  Ask them to share why they chose to draw this landscape and how it is different than where we live or even the other places in Israel.
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, December 13, 2020 – Update from Cheryl

Hello PK/K/1 families –

Last week in Religious School we continued our discussion of Chanukah. The students remembered so much from our previous discussions!  We also had a dance party to the Maccabeats Candlelight. We talked about how the candles should be set up in the hanukkiah and how they should be lit.

This coming week we will light Chanukah candles (virtually). We will then move to talking about Israel based on today’s tour with Ayal. The Chanukah dance party will also continue!

My apologies to anyone who had trouble getting into class this past week. I had to change my Zoom links. The spreadsheet has now been properly updated and will send you to the correct place going forward.

Thank you,



Sunday, December 6, 2020 – Update from Cheryl

Hello PK/K/1 families –

Last week in Religious School we continued our discussion of Chanukah by reading the Chanukah story. We learned how Antiochus made it against the law to act Jewishly and took over the Temple. We learned about a small group of Jews called the Maccabees who stood up to King Antiochus. We talked about the fact that we are actually celebrating two miracles – winning the war against such a large army and the oil that lasted for 8 days.

This coming week we will work on how to light the candles and the blessings we say. We will also play virtual dreidel. Please make sure your child has the “Celebrating Hanukkah” pamphlet available for class. If you have a dreidel, they can also have that with them and we will talk about how to play dreidel.

Ask your student what animal the Greeks had in their army!

Thank you,


Sunday, December 6, 2020 – Update from Michelle

Hello everyone!

It was so nice to see everyone after a week off.  Students are very excited about Hanukkah starting this week and I can’t wait to hear about your candle lightings when we meet next week.
Today we began studying Noah’s Ark.  This is always a fan favorite story and is something that kids know tons about.  For the occasion we invited students to bring animals of all kinds to join us today.  We had a hippopotamus, a lion, a unicorn, a lizard, a lion and so many more!  We read about Noah building the ark which was used to save two of each of the animals from a flood and how Noah knew it was safe to get off the ark.  God realizes that making the flood wasn’t a good choice and makes a promise not to do it again.  The rainbow is a symbol of that promise. We finished our day with a song about Noah’s Ark that we sang with Anna in October.
Next week we will continue our trip to Israel.  Please refer to Robin’s email about the trip and schedule for additional information.  When we meet together in class we will continue our study of Noah’s Ark by hearing a different version of the story and singing songs about the animals on the Ark.
We have continued to play Shimon Omer, Simon Says, as a movement break during our class.  We have been focusing on the Hebrew words for eyes, nose, mouth, head and hands,  Ash your student which words they remember.
As always, please let me know if you have any questions.
Happy Hanukkah!


Sunday, November 29, 2020 – Update from Cheryl (Holidays)

Hello PK/K/1 families –

Last week in Religious School we started our discussion of Chanukah. As always, I was amazed and delighted by the knowledge they already have. They knew about the miracle of the oil, the foods we eat, and how long we celebrate Chanukah for. We also learned that in Israel the dreidel has one letter that is different than our dreidel.

This coming week we will read the story of Chanukah and talk about ways we celebrate, including how to light the candles. Please make sure your child has both the “Story of Hanukkah” pamphlet and the “Celebrating Hanukkah” pamphlet available for class. If you have a dreidel, they can also have that with them and we will talk about how to play dreidel.

Ask your student what their favorite Chanukah food is!

Thank you,


Sunday, November 22, 2020

Hi Everyone!

Today was our first class during the month of Kislev.  Students were excited to hear that Kislev is also the month that we will celebrate Hanukkah. During our Morning Meeting each week we are working on practicing Hebrew numbers and the Hebrew month.  In our Movement Break this week, we are adding in other body part words to our Simon Says games.  We are using the Hebrew words for  eye, hands, head, nose and mouth and will keep adding words as we go along.  We are also adding letters to our Hebrew Yoga and are now using our bodies to make the shapes for shin, tav, bet and nun.  Today we completed our study of the story of Adam and Eve and talked about making mistakes.  One thing that we decided is that a mistake isn’t all bad because you can learn what to do next time.  Adam and Eve could have made a better decision by not listening to the snake.
When we meet again in two weeks we will be reading a brand new story.  The story of Noah is always a favorite and is one that most kids already know a lot about.  We will also be illustrating Day 3 from the story of Creation in our storyboards.
Today we began making a storyboard of Creation.  We focused only on Days 1 and 2 today and each student created an original drawing.  Students have been asked to keep this work in their Religious School box.  Ask your student to share their work with you.
As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns about our class.
I hope you enjoy the long Thanksgiving weekend and I look forward to seeing you again in December.
Sunday, November 15 – Update from Michelle

Hi Everyone!

Our second visit to Israel was so much fun!  We focused on movement this week.  One way that we learned about movement is by looking at the different ways that people can get around the country of Israel.  There are planes, trains, busses and boats!  Another way we experienced movement was through Israeli music.  Ayal shared with us some of the different types of music that we might hear in Israel.
In class we reflected on our trip so far.  Here are some of the things that we thought were interesting.  The ones with bigger fonts were said by more than one student.
Israel Trip.JPG
For our movement break today we played Simon Says in Hebrew and learned the Hebrew words for head, hands, mouth and nose.  We finished our day together by revisiting the story of Adam and Eve. We started by investigating the illustrations before rereading the story together and sharing times that we may have done something we weren’t supposed to.
Next week we will return to our regular schedule.  Kindergarten students will have Hebrew class and we will complete our study of Adam and Eve in our small groups.
Students were asked to think about a time that they did something that they weren’t supposed to and how it made other people feel.  Ask your student what example they came up with.
As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns about our class.
Have a wonderful week!
Sunday, November 8 – Update from Michelle

Hello PK/K/1 Families!

I hope you all had an amazing time on the first part of our trip to Israel!  It was so fun to travel with you all this morning and I am looking forward to our next three visits.
It was so fun for us all to meet together in one class.  We spent some time learning a little bit more about Israel.  We talked about the time difference and that Ayal was getting ready to eat dinner while we had just had breakfast because Israel is halfway around the room.  For a movement break, we did some Israeli dancing and a few Aleph Bet Yoga poses which was super fun.  We got to read our second Torah story today and learned about Adam and Eve living in the Garden of Eden.  God allowed Adam and Eve to live in the Garden, with all of the things they could want or need, as long as they didn’t eat from the Tree of Knowing How to Tell Good From Evil.  The snake tricks them into eating from the tree and they have to leave the Garden of Eden forever.
Next week we are looking forward to our second trip to Israel.  We will be exploring Israel through movement.  When we meet as a class, we will be learning more about Adam and Eve and thinking about how to be a responsible person.
Students drew themselves doing one of the things that we experienced during our Israel tour that they would like to do when they visit Israel.  Ask your student what their drawing was of.
As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Have a wonderful week!
Sunday, November 1 – Update from Michelle

Hello PK/K/1 Families!

It was great to see so many smiling faces this morning!  I hope that you enjoyed your extra hour.

Today we finished up our study of the Story of Creation.  We watched a video as a reminder of the story and connected each of the days to the items that God created that day.  We talked about different ways to take care of the Earth that God created and students shared great ideas like being nice to each other, not polluting and giving hugs(when we are not in the middle of a Pandemic).  We learned about ways that our own families or families like ours can help to care for the world by cleaning up, planting and providing for animals.  We ended the day together by creating something new out of something old, a great way to recycle!

Next week we will begin our Virtual Tour of Israel!  We will start by exploring the sounds of Israel.  After our tour, our whole class will meet together at 10:00am for our Torah Story which will be about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  See the email that Robin sent this afternoon for more details about the Virtual Tour of Israel.
Today we were thinking about ways that we can take care of the world that God made for us.  Each student was asked to make something new out of something recyclable or to draw something that they could use their recyclable item for.  Ask your student what ideas they came up with for their recyclable item.
Have a wonderful week!
2 Tefila Updates From Anna
Summary from 10/17:
Have you ever wondered why Jewish holidays start at night instead of during the day? Today, grades Pre-K through 4th learned about the lunar calendar and how the Jewish religion is tied to the moon. For example, the holiday of Rosh Chodesh celebrating the start of the new month begins the night of the new moon (or when no moon is in the sky).
Summary from 10/24:
Going with our theme of Jewish time, this Shabbat we learned a new way Jews mark the passage of the week- a new parshah in the Torah! Our torah portion on this shabbat is Parshah Noach, or the building of Noah’s Ark. As a group, we discussed what we would bring with us the ark (food, family, games, and our favorite animals) and sang the song “Rise and Shine” to tell the story of the great flood.
Sunday, October 25, 2020

Hello PK/K/1 Families!

What an exciting day we had!  The Apple and Honey Olympics was AMAZING.  I am so impressed at everyones skills, dance moves and sportsmanship.  Thank you to Robin for being our Coach today and helping us learn some Hebrew words while we played. Thank you to all the families so much for your flexibility with the timing for today’s class and for picking up your materials for this fun event.
Next week we will revisit the story of Creation and review what God made on each day of the week.  We will spend time learning about how we can take care of the world that God Created.
Our Apple and Honey Olympics was filled with fun activities.  Ask your student which even was their favorite.
Have a wonderful week!
Sunday, September 18, 2020

Hello PK/K/1 Families!

It was so lovely to have class together this morning.  Today is the first of many weeks that we will meet in a row and Shira, Zach, and I are very excited about all the good learning that will be taking place.
During Morning Meeting we are practicing responding in Hebrew and we are learning Hebrew words for “good morning” and “thank you”.  Almost all of our students were feeling Yellow or Green today and were excited and ready to learn. During our movement breaks, we have started to add in Aleph Bet yoga poses.  Today we made the letter shin by laying on the floor and raising our head, feet, and hands. We began our study of the Torah by reading the story of God and Creation which is part of the Parsha that was read this week during Saturday morning services.  Students learned that God created different things on the first six days of the week and rested on the 7th day which we call Shabbat.
Next week we will be participating in the Apple and Honey Olympics, a beginning of the year tradition at Temple Israel of Natick.  Please see Robin’s email about the schedule changes taking place.  All Kindergarten Hebrew groups will take place at their regularly scheduled time.
Each student got to make their own Creation in class today.  Ask your student to share what they made with you.
Have a wonderful week!
Sept. 13 – Music with Anna:
Shana Tova! Today, the PreK through 4th graders welcomed the new school year and the new year of 5781 with dancing (like Miriam) and a shofar blast (or at least the song version by Ellen Allard). It was wonderful to be together as a kehillah (community) again and to see so many familiar and new faces. I am looking forward to learning and growing through music and prayer with the PreK, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders!
Shavua Tov,
September 13, 2020

Hello PK/K/1 Families!

It was so nice to be together again!  We LOVED seeing so many smiling faces, connecting with students that have already experienced Religious School at Temple Israel and meeting some new students too.
Our time together goes by so quick but we squeezed a lot in today.  During Morning Meeting we learned to use the Mood Meter to share how we are feeling today.
We will use the Mood Meter weekly to check in with students and see how everyone is doing.  Next, we worked together to make a class Brit.  We first listened to a story about how learning online might be a little different than learning in person and then shared our ideas as a group. Before moving onto a new activity we had a silly movement break which allowed us to run and jump and stretch before we got into our new learning.  In future classes, our movement breaks will include Aleph Bet Yoga that Shira will lead.
Students were super excited to hear that we will have an opportunity to be together in person on September 27th for a socially distant Tashlich.  We hope that you will be able to join us.  Robin has already sent this information to you in an email. During our next online class, we will begin our study of Creation and taking care of the world around us.
Each student was asked to share a special item with the group so that we could learn more about them.  Ask your student about the item they shared.
L’shana Tova!
Michelle, Shira and Zach



Dear Pre-K, K, and First Grade Families:


We, Michelle and Cheryl, are writing to introduce ourselves as the PK/K and grade 1 teaching team.




I, Michelle, have been a member of Temple Israel almost my whole life and have been working with the students in our community for more than a decade both in the Religious School and with our Youth Groups.  I am looking forward to the challenges and potentials of moving our learning to an online platform in September and October.  On Sunday mornings, we will study stories from the Torah and Jewish values.  




I, Cheryl, have lived in Natick for 15 years and worked with students in the Religious School for five years. I have two boys and also works with students in the Natick public schools. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, we will be learning about Jewish holidays and traditions and learning about Israel. 




Our Kindergarten students will be learning and practicing Hebrew letters with Michelle in small groups each Sunday morning.  


First-grade students will be practicing and solidifying their knowledge of the Hebrew letters in small groups with Cheryl on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. 


Throughout the week, Shira Taman and Zach Schneider will assist us.  Shira is beginning her second year as a Religious School faculty member and has twins the same ages as the students in our class!  Her knowledge and love of Israel and her calming and nurturing nature are a positive presence in our classroom community.  Zach is an 8th grader in Framingham and recently celebrated his Bar Mitzvah at TI; he was the first Zoom Bar Mitzvah!


We hope that everyone will give their very best effort and have a positive attitude as we navigate this unique learning journey together.  We are looking forward to our classes with the students and hoping for smiling faces and great enthusiasm.  


Cheryl can be reached by email at cbstrunsky@comcast.net.


Michelle can be reached by email at MichelleNelson624@gmail.com.




Michelle and Cheryl


P.s. Please watch for an email from Robin with information on how to access Zoom links and classes.