September 30, 2020 |

Upcoming Events

Sukkah Decorating

If you could have a sukkah full of guests this year, who would you invite?

Email Rabbi Liben a photograph or photo of a portrait you illustrate. We will hang our guests in the TI Sukkah and share them with the community via zoom.

Sukkot Family Service

Join us from your Sukkah, backyard, or home!

Have your lulav and etrog ready to be waved! (If you don’t have a lulav and etrog, use art supplies or 3-4 plants from your neighborhood to create a lulav and etrog.)


10:00: Sing Hallel melodies with Cantor Ken & Rabbi Dan while shaking your Lulav! (Shababa Fans: our friendly sloth, “Todah” will be our special Sukkah guest.)

10:20: Zoom Trivia: Sukkot Edition

10:30: Torah Service and Musaf


Simchat Torah – Improv Style