July 25, 2024 |

Teen Madrichim

What do madrich, madricha and madrichim mean?

Madrich and madricha literally means “guide”.  Madrich is the masculine form and madricha is the feminine form.  Madrichim is plural. In our context, a madrichim is a teen leader and role model.
What will I do as a madrich/madricha?

You will have the opportunity to work with students in grades K-7 in our education program, supporting them and the teachers.  You will help implement lesson plans and games, read stories, work with kids who need extra support, and help us a create a Jewish community of learners filled with ruach (spirit!)
What’s the commitment and schedule?

You can choose to be a madrich or madricha during any of these times:

  • Sundays 9-12pm
  • Wednesdays 4-6pm

Who is eligible to be a madricha or madricha?

Any teens in grades 8-12.  

Finally, here are 10 reasons that you should sign up:

  1. All your friends will be doing it once you tell them about it
  2. Build leadership skills that you will be able to use for years to come
  3. Gain experience working with younger kids.
  4. Have a role in shaping our education program
  5. Have fun
  6. It looks great on college applications and resumes.
  7. Meet new teens and build friendships
  8. Opportunity to give back to your community
  9. Strengthen and enhance your Jewish identity
  10. Younger students think teens are the coolest!

How do I sign up?

Email k-12 Director, Lisa Gittelman-Udi, at schooldir@tiofnatick.org  

Fill out this form: Click HERE