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A Note From Robin

Posted on March 10, 2019

September 5, 2019

Dear Parents:

I hope your children’s transitions back to school have been smooth and filled with excitement and wonder. I’ve seen many photos of your kids on Facebook, and your kids look taller, tan, and happy.

I’m resending this email with back-to-religious school information for you to review. This week we are amid teaching orientation, and I have no doubt that we have the most fantastic faculty! They are working hard to get everything ready for your children, and in the next week, you should receive an email form your child’s teacher.

Please be in touch with any questions and make sure that you have September 15 on your calendar. That day RS is dismissing at 11am do everyone can celebrate TI’s 75th Anniversary at a Kick-Off celebration that day from 11am-12pm. It’s free, and lunch will be served.

Here’s some back-to-religious school information for you and your children:

  1. Registration: If you have not yet registered your children, please do so as soon as possible, it helps us with planning, and the teachers are beginning to review student information about allergies and learning needs.

  1. Calendar: At the bottom of this email is a list of dates for September.  Below that is a link to the Religious School Calendar for the entire year.

  1. Teachers: You will also find a link to bios of all our faculty members and the grades they will be teaching. If you would like to speak with your child’s teacher (or me) before religious school begins, please let me know.

  1.  Welcome: To our new students and their families:: Yuval Artzi (6); Fiona Rakhunov (PK); Sydney Spiro (K); Leo Amerikaner (K); Jordana Goldberg (K); Brandon Rich (PK)

  1. More Welcomes to new members of the education team: Yahav Bel Gal, our 2019-2020 Shinshin. A video that Yahav made (with the other Greater Boston Shinshin, Maya) is on the Parent Facebook group. Orit Cohen, the new religious school office assistant, and Anna Birnholz, our new (and first-ever song leader!).

  1. You can expect to receive a “welcome email” from your child’s teachers before their first day. Please watch for this email.

  1. Drop-Off: Please park and walk your child into the building.

  1. Dismissal
    1. Sundays. Please park your car, and if your child is in grades K or 1, please meet them in their classroom. Grade 2-7 teachers will dismiss their students to the lobby. Please meet older children in the lobby.
    2. Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please park your car and come in to meet your children in the lobby.

  1. What to bring:
    1. Temple Israel will provide most school supplies.  If you child’s teacher has a specific need for something special, it will be in the welcome letter your get from your child’s teacher in a few weeks.
    2. We encourage every student to have a designated Religious School backpack or folder. Students in grades 2-6 have a binder they are expected to bring back and forth each day.
    3. Each day, please send your child with a kosher, nut-free snack.
  2. Opening Days for Grades 2-7: Tuesday and Wednesday, September 10 and 11.  Special thanks to the Men’s Club for again sponsoring the ANNUAL APPLE AND HONEY OLYMPICS! All students in grades 2-7 will join in this new year fun from 5-6pm on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. The Apple and Honey Olympics take place outdoors (weather permitting) and involve running and an art project.  Please make sure your child is wearing shoes they can run in and clothes that can get messy. The paint is not washable.

  1. Communication
    1. Several times a month, we will send a newsletter with class updates. Each week you can also expect to receive a link to our blog where teachers will post information about what they have been working on and what’s coming up.
    2. Each teacher will let you know the best way to reach them. Many have a google phone number, and everyone has an email. I am always available, as well.

  1. Upcoming Events: Please see the list of dates below, and watch your email for specifics about our off-site Tashlich program on Sunday, October 6, at the South Natick Dam.
I can’t wait for the year to begin and to have children voices and faces filling the halls at Temple Israel. If you have any questions or concerns, please be in touch!


I can’t believe the year is almost over! Time flies when you are having fun. Sunday, May 19 is our last day, and we have a special morning planned. The schedule for the morning is as follows:
Students and Teachers will gather for end of the year activities in their classrooms.   Parents are welcome to schmooze in the lobby, and we’ll have coffee.
The 7th graders will lead us in tefila, and we’ll have a short end of the year ceremony and a send-off for Nitzan. Following that, grades PK/K-Grade 1 will return to their classrooms. At that point we’ll continue with the 7th grader Siyum, during with every 7th grader will share a reflection about their Jewish education to date and how they are going to stay involved in the Jewish community. Parents are invited, not required to attend.
The Parent’s Association and the 7th Grade Parents are sponsoring/organizing a community brunch in honor of our 7th graders and our faculty.   A parent or another adult must accompany each child at the brunch. Please RSVP here:
I look forward to celebrating with all of you in a few weeks. We have all learned and grown so much this past year and have much to celebrate – and the learning continues over the next few busy weeks with Israel Memorial Day, Israel Independence Day and end of the year projects to complete and prepare to present.


So much happened this week:

  • We continued listening to and living Josh Warshawsky’s music!
  • Grade 3-5 Spring Electives about the Four Children in the Haggadah wrapped. All 3rd-5th graders have framed art representations of the Four Children.  Check out our FB group for lots of photos.
  • Grades 6 and 7, along with students from Beth Am in Framingham, met with Mayor Spicer of Framingham, David Fishman, a member of Natick Town Meeting, and Adam Freudberg, a member of the Framingham school committee.  Students learned about the importance of advocacy, leadership and getting involved in the local community.  The students are now working on letters to local representatives and leaders in which they are sharing concerns.
  • Grades PK-2 sang Passover songs with Cantor Ken. Everyone worked on the Four Questions.


It was a busy week at TI!  Electives for grades 3-5 got started.  We are focusing on the Four Children and Art in the Haggadah.  In the Haggadah each of the children asks a different question. Commentators describe the Wicked Child’s question as provocative.  Our students told me that examples of provoking questions are the questions that make their teachers and parents mad.  Whether in “Collage, Watercolor or “Black & White,” student began experimenting with the materials and it was great to see their creativity flourish as they interpreted the Haggadah.  Our grade 2 students are ready for Kabbalat Siddur this coming Shabbat and their wimpels are hanging and look fabulous!  Grades K and 1 are hard at work reviewing the Four Question, and our 6th and 7th graders are engaged in some projects related to Jewish advocates throughout history, Haifa and the 7th graders will soon be preparing for their Siyum.


Last week Purim was upon us, and this week Passover is upon us.  This week grades 3-5 will begin Passover Electives focusing on the Four Children in the Haggadah, and all grades will start Passover prep.  Next weekend our artist-in-residence, Josh  Warshawsky, will be at Temple Israel.   Please sign up for Shabbat Dinner on Friday night, sponsored by the RSPA.  Friday night we’ll get a preview of Josh’s music.  Shabbat morning Josh will lead a Family service in the Sanctuary, and we’ll celebrate Kabbalat Siddur with our Kitah Bet/Grade 2 students.

This weekend a few special programs: Grades 6-7 have a special program related to their advocacy unit on standing up to bullies.  Grade 2 has a special program on inclusion based that is STEM-based.


Purim is upon us!

Please remember to sign up for our Purim Dinner on Wednesday, March 21 and our religious school Shabbat dinner on Friday Night, March 29.  The Purim Dinner includes an interactive mad-libs Purim Spiel, and the religious school Shabbat dinner coincides with our visiting artist-in-residence weekend, with Josh Warshawsky.  Throughout the weekend, Josh will be leading tefila for the community, teaching in the religious school and performing for students and at Cafe Acshav. You won’t want to miss either of these events.

Enjoy these Purim videos:

Robin Kahn