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Grade 5 Update

Posted on May 11, 2018

Dear Kitah Hey Parents,

The weather is beautiful and the fifth graders and still learning a lot and having fun in Hebrew school! Lately, we have had many wonderful community programs to attend that have allowed our students to see what they are working toward and further understand what it means to be a part of the Jewish community.

During our class time, we have enjoyed more time with Bar and have focused on our last value of the year – Tikkun Olam: Repairing Our World.  Fifth graders discussed the responsibility of every generation to improve the world and how that differs from perfecting it.

Our most recent project partnered students into groups and allowed them to come up with a topic they are passionate about that would make the world a better place.  They then had to illustrate how a positive change could be made and how it could then have a domino effect that would lead to further positive change down the road. Some topics on the posters included: safe sports access for all, saving kids from war zones and other unsafe places, making sure kids get enough sleep, helping the needy, and creating programs to help the needy help themselves.   After completing the posters, we held a “museum” in class in which students independently walked around the classroom with sticky notes and commented on each posted with how he/she think this change will make a difference 50 years from now. It was amazing to see and hear the thought put into this project by the fifth graders!

In Hebrew, the fifth graders have been doing a great job with Aleinu! They have been reading and singing Aleinu in pairs, independently, and as a group, They have also have been playing fun games to keep Hebrew reading fun. Some recent games include: Memory, Bingo, Around the World, and Pick up Sticks. Students have also been counting the Omer.  

The fifth graders are very excited for an end-of-year party on the last day of Hebrew school – May 20th!  It would be wonderful if we could all contribute to the event. Below is a list of treats the kids came up with (it wasn’t us!) of what they would like for the celebration.  Please double check that anything brought to the temple in kosher and nut free. Please type your name next to the item you would like to bring to the party. Of course, we do not expect this entire list to be filled. The list is on the next page of this google doc.

Thank you!

Tali and Diana

Lauren Fishman
Mini cupcakes
Cape Cod potato chips with Helavagood dip
Lisa Goldsmith
Lauren Fishman
Assorted candies with no nuts
Pretzel rods
Rachel Plofsky
Capri Suns
Water bottles
Chocolate chip cookies
Rachel Plofsky
Fruit roll ups or fruit by the foot
Karen steinberg
Vegetable tray with dressing
Assorted berries
Pita chips with hummus
Crackling chocolate with a cow on it (?????)
Potato sticks from Trader Joes
Plantain chips
Cotton candy