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Grade 4 Update

Posted on May 11, 2018

The 4th grade is finishing up the school year, by learning the meaning of some of our T’filah prayers. We discussed G’vurot. Finding strength in prayer. The G’vurot focuses on qualities we associate with God, like strength, love, mercy and support. The eternal is mighty, and powerful. The ruler is sustaining life (chai) and shows great compassion or mercy.

The students discussed how they can be more like God.
 Tikun olam is a commandment to repair the world. We discussed stopping horrendous acts that human beings do, such as destroying our own environment. 
Pollution, killing majestic elephants simply for their tusks. The killing of rhinos for their horns. The entire
animal is destroyed for a tiny piece to use for adornment. This is not showing mercy. We will strive to correct such injustices, as the next generation. Tikun olam. God wants us to repair the world. Everyone must try to listen to their yetzer Tov and not their yesterday Hara. Good vs. evil inclinations. 
Happy Mother’s Day!