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Grade 3 Update

Posted on May 2, 2018

Shalom Gimel Families,

Gimel students are making great progress with Ashrei and have learned up to Line 17.  They continue to enjoy their buddy reading and Hebrew Reading games.

In Torah studies students began to explore the concept of justice in the Exodus stories, and after playing a game last week where the rules were not fair, students talked about how this made them feel.  This led to a lively discussion about other areas of life where things are not fair, including how life was not fair for the slaves in Egypt!

This week students enjoyed learning from Bar about Kibbutz life in Israel and even got to plan their own kibbutz as a group!

Next week we will complete Ashrei up to Line 19, celebrate Israel Day with special activities, attend Gesher Siyum and continue to explore the theme of justice in the Exodus.

Enjoy the lovely warm weather!