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Grade 2 Update

Posted on May 1, 2018

We did it!! We have now learned all of the Hebrew letters!  On Sunday we learned Chuf כ and Final Chuf  ך .  We learned  a new way to make the  vowel which is the”OOH” sound.  At this point in our studies the textbook is also introducing vowel cominations  which appear less often,  such as the “AYE” sound in l’chaim.  The students will encounter these sounds less frequntly in their reading and they will continued to be reinforced in the upper grades.
Next week we will all have the oppurtunityto create  our own“tricks” to remember the letters and to share them with the class, the kids are all looking forward to this.
In our Torah studies have been continuing with the narrative found in the book of Genisis, and are constantly reminded of how different life was then.  It seems un imaginable that someone could marry his cousin-or that someone could be married to 2 sisters at the same time-but we learned that exactly what Ya’acov(Jacob) did.
We are all looking towards the end of the school year with both excitement and a sense of sadness at saying goodbye to Bar.  The second Graders have loved getting to know him, and eagerly await his appearance every week.  If you see him in the building be sure to wish him well in his future military service.