May 20, 2024 |

Second Grade Update

Posted on March 27, 2018

Second Grade has been immersed in Passover preparations.  On Sunday we reviewed the Four Questions and the  Steps of the Seder with Cantor Ken, we even added hand motions.  We continued this review in the classroom and everyone took home printed material to use during the Seders.  We had an interesting discussion, in which some kids said there aren’t four questions, but rather one question with four statements or answers.  Or perhaps it’s really a statement and not a question at all?  (The Hebrew can be translated to the Four Puzzlements.)

We also heard the story of Passover, the students were absolutely enthralled, adding in any details which were omitted.

In Hebrew we skipped ahead in our text a little bit, adding the letter “Zayin” to help us better read the Four Questions, and two components of the Seder Plate.  We also learned another way to pronounce the “silent vowel”-at the beginning a word it makes the a short i” sound like in the word “it”. 
Happy Passover!