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Grade K – Gan Class Update 3-25-18

Posted on March 26, 2018

Hello Gan Class Families,

It was so nice to share Shabbat with so many of you on Friday evening.  The frog centerpieces looked great on the tables and I am sure they will be an excellent addition to your seder table as well.

Cantor Ken was so helpful in getting us prepared for the seders.  We spent much of Tefliah practicing the 4 Questions, and reviewing the order of the seder. He taught us some new songs as well as new tunes specifically for Passover for some of the prayers we already know.  

Bar taught us about the different bodies of water in Israel.  We learned that there are four seas, the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee.  Today we focused on some of the main features of three of the four seas. We will spend some extra time learning about the Dead Sea because it is super special.  

In our new Torah story, we met Jacob and Esau.  They are twin brothers born to Isaac and Rebekkah.  We learned that Jacob steals two important things from Esau.  First he steals his birthright by trading it for some soup and then, with the help of his mother, he tricks his father into giving him a special blessing that was meant for Esau.  In our next story, we will meet the family that Jacob has when he grows up.

The rest of our class time was dedicated to preparing for Passover.  We reviewed the story of Passover and many of the customs that we observe.  We worked together to cut and glue the order of the seder, created afikomen holders that will keep crumbs all in one place and collected the necessary materials to count the Omer at home.  Directions for this project were sent to you via email.  Students will add one bead to a necklace for each day of the Omer.

There is no class on Sunday, April 1st. When we return in April we will learn our last few letters and enjoy two more Torah stories. 

I wish you all a wonderful Passover!  See you on April 8th.