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Gimel Goings On

Posted on March 22, 2018

Shalom Gimel Families

Students are making great progress with the Ashrei and are mastering the first nine lines.  Through whole group reading, partner reading and small group reading they are getting lots of practice!  Please continue to have them practice at home a few minutes a day.

The highlight of the week was our visit to the Model Matzah Bakery at Chabad this past Sunday.  Students learned that for matzah to be kosher for Passover it has to be baked in 18 minutes or less.  Students then got to make their own matzah and enjoyed tasting it!  Thank you to Rabbi Fogelman, Chanie and staff for a great program!

Students are enjoying their weekday electives and are learning new things all the time.  From asking the 4 questions in sign language, to an art project representing the Arba Koshiyot (4 challenges) to performing science experiments to find out why bread is puffy and matzah is flat, or what food would be the best to use as the bitter herb at the Seder, students are having a blast!  After each elective session third graders have an opportunity to reflect on their elective and their learning.

Upcoming this week

  1. On Sunday students will learn two new lines of Ashrei.
  2. Students will continue their exploration of the Jewish Value of Leadership in Exodus.
  3. Electives continue next week!