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Grade 2 Update

Posted on March 20, 2018

Kol Ha Kavod!  The “Betnikim” were fantastic on Shabbat!  Their excitement and joy of learning shone through during the Kabbalat Siduur celebration.  What a wonderful way to celebrate as a community.  Who knows, perhaps one day they will have the opportunity to travel together to Israel!

The excitement carried over to Sunday when we walked to the local “Matzah Factory” at the Natick Chabad.  There we watched a short video on making “Shmorat Matzah”, matzah that is made according to the strictest guidelines from the time the wheat is harvested to the time it emerges from the oven.  The students then became Matzah Bakers, shaping the dough and making the tiny holes to ensure that it will not rise in the oven.  Be sure to ask your children what is the maximum amount of time allowed from the time that the water is added to the flour to the moment when the matzah comes out of the oven.

The next couple of sessions we will continue to prepare for Passover, reviewing the story, the Seder customs and of course practicing the Four Questions.  We might even think of a few extra questions for your Seders.