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Grade 6 Trope Update from Cantor Ken

Posted on March 16, 2018

First of all, I wanted to make sure that you would all be here for our end-of-year Torah reading celebration on Sunday, May 20, which is both the last day of Hebrew School and the first day of Shavuot.

Please send a quick reply back to confirm that you (and your 6th grader) will be here, as I will be giving each of them a short Torah reading for that day and I want to divide those up soon.
Given the snow days and the time of year, I wasn’t necessarily planning to hand out more readings for junior congregation before then, though I can by request give you readings in the spring or fall for those who didn’t get a chance to read yet or who wanted another chance.
For class, the kids should know the blessings before and after the haftarah and should work on it so that they can sing it for you at home.  The recordings are tracks 14, 16-21, and 37 on this page:
They should also know the Torah trope (tracks 1-11) and be learning the haftarah trope (tracks 22-32) for working on their own Torah portions and the parts of the Haftarah for Shavuot.  On Shavuot, we’ll plan for the class to chant together the Torah blessings, Haftarah blessings, and beginning and end of the Haftarah, in addition to their individual Torah portions.
Weather permitting, I’m looking forward to seeing the 6th graders again at trope class this Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon!
Hope to see you at Synaplex tomorrow— the program will include a 6th-8th grade preteen program with Katie.
Best wishes, and Shabbat Shalom–
Cantor Ken