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Gimel Goings On

Posted on March 13, 2018

Shalom Gimel Families,

It was great seeing everyone on Sunday after last weeks snow storm!  Hope everyone is keeping warm and safe.

Sunday was a busy day.  For morning work students wrote in their journals about what they are looking forward to about Passover.

After a few weeks break it was awesome to get back to morning meeting!  In Hebrew students worked on Lines 1-7 of Ashrei.  They are doing a great job mastering this!  During station time students had opportunities to further practice Ashrei by reading with a buddy and reading in a small group.  The third station was Hebrew Reading Games.

In Torah we continued our exploration of the value of leadership.  Students worked with a buddy to read 4 blurbs about 4 leaders today – Mark Zuckerberg, Drake, Sarah Silverman and Scarlett Johannsson.  After reading each pair discussed whether these 4 people are good leaders and did a great job explaining why or why not.  Students were then given index cards to write down 3 qualities they thought is good leadership and, as a class, drew up an extensive list!

Upcoming this week

  1. On Wednesday, students will enjoy Week 1 of electives.
  2. On Sunday, March 18, students will enjoy a field trip to Chabad’s Model Matzah Bakery.
  3. We will work on the next two lines of Ashrei (Lines 8&9).