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Grade 1 Update

Posted on March 7, 2018

Kitah Aleph was filled with different “visitors” this week. We had Super Mario, a tiger and a variety of other costumed characters in our class on Sunday. There was much excitement about the Purim carnival.

Kitah Aleph students learned the Hebrew letter ayin. Ayin is a silent letter like the letter aleph. The letter ayin looks a lot like the letter tzadee and the two are easily confused. Kitah aleph students compared the two letters to observe the differences. The children also learned a new vowel, the “chirik” which makes sound like the English long vowel e. Everyone spent some time in class reviewing and reading letters with a partner.

We continued our study of Torah with the story of Joseph, his dreams and his coat of many colors. The children took on various roles and acted out the story. We also discussed the story from the perspectives of different people. For instance, we talked about how Joseph’s brothers must have felt when Joseph shared his dreams about his brothers bowing down to him.

Kitah Aleph students began learning about and preparing for Passover. We are making scenes of the Jews crossing the Red Sea. These will be used as centerpieces for the upcoming Shabbat family dinner on March 23.

Have a wonderful week! Joanne