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Grade K – Gan Class Update 3-4-18

Posted on March 5, 2018

Hello Gan Class Families!

I hope you all had wonderful February vacations.  The students shared some of the fun things that they did and it sounds like it was an excellent week!

With February Break and Purim now behind us it is time to start thinking about Passover.  I know….that’s crazy!  To prepare, we have begun to read picture books that share the story of Passover.  Today we enjoyed The Miracles of Passover by Josh Hanft.  We will enjoy a new story next week.

During Tefillah, we practiced our prayers and learned some new songs with Cantor Ken.  We will be practicing the 4 Questions so that we are ready for the Passover seders as well.

As we haven’t been together in several weeks, today’s class focused on reviewing the skills we already have. Students helped to retell all of our former Torah stories and then we heard for the first time the Story of Abraham and Sarah.  Abraham and Sarah were old and had no children.  One day, some strangers pass by their camp and Abraham and Sarah invite them in, feed them and give them a place to rest.  The strangers tell Abraham and Sarah that they will have a child which makes Sarah laugh because she thinks she is too old.  Well, the joke is on her because she does have a child who she named Isaac.   Next week we will create an illustration of this story in our workbooks.

To practice our letters, we had Aleph Bet Centers.  Students played a Go Fish game, created illustrations in their workbooks, made letters with Play Doh and practiced writing letters with whiteboard markers.  New letters return next week.

Lev’s parents were the Mystery Readers today! They were great. Thanks for coming in and sharing your book with us.

Next week Daylight Savings time begins.  Remember to “spring forward” an hour.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the Gan Class.

Have a wonderful week!