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Grade 2 Update

Posted on February 6, 2018

The Second Graders were excited on Sunday as we declared “We have finished the First Book!” (and of course celebrated with a special snack of popcorn and fruit pops.)  There was a  collective sense of great accomplishment in the room and anticipation for begining the Second Hebrew Book and learning the rest of the letters and especially new vowels.

Cantor Ken came to class and we finished creating hand motions to accompany the  V’Ahavta prayer.  We discussed that this prayer is found in both the Tefilin, which are worn during morning prayers, and in the Mezzuzah.  We then looked at the prayer on the parchment in the Mezzuzah on our classroom doorway.

We began learning about Purim by looking at the Hebrew months and we remembered that the months are lunar months, based on the cycle of the moon.  We discussed that the 3 Jewish holidays we celebrate at this time of the year  Tu B’shvat, Purim and Passover all  fall on a full moon.

The students all have been enthusiastically singing the song “Raise a Glass” in preparation for Purim, I can’t wait to hear many of them sing it on Purim.