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Second Grade Update

Posted on January 31, 2018

We did It! We are on the last chapter of our first Hebrew text, learning the letters ע and כ .  We can now read the Hebrew word for Hebrew which has been on our schedule since the beginning of the year!  On Sunday we will have a small party to celebrate this achievement.  We are all very excited to begin the new book next week.

We read Abrahams’s search for God by Jacueline Jules which offers a possible explanation as to why Abraham rejected idol worship and and instead began to pray to God.  The book explains that  Abraham understood that there must be a greater power than the Sun, moon or stars in an engaging story with beautiful illustrations.  We also began learning the story of Lech Lacha, where God tells Avraham to leave his fathers home and to go to a new country.  In the coming classes we will discuss how that may have felt, and what awaits Abraham in the new land.

The class began work on the panels for our mural that illustrates the “V’Ahhavta” prayer.  It was great to see the brainstorming and cooperation between the students as they worked on their drawings.  We can’t wait to see it finished and displayed on our bulletin board.