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Gimel Goings On

Posted on January 22, 2018

Shalom Gimel Families,

It was great to see everyone yesterday!

Yasher Koach to all the Gimel Students on completing the Birkot Hashachar!

Keep on practicing at home and calling Google Voice.  

Next, we will start to learn to chant the Mi Kamocha –
the song of praise that was sung after the Israelites crossed the red sea.  
Yesterday students were introduced to an important theme in Mi Kamocha – that of miracles.  
In their journals, they wrote about some of the amazing things they have
experienced or witnessed.  
During station time they listened to the song, “When You Believe” from the movie
The Prince of Egypt and
talked about some of the miracles that exist today and how they can be miracles for others.  
Students will receive their copies of the Mi Kamocha prayer during the weekday
sessions this week and begin learning to chant it.

Other stations this week included Hebrew Buddy Reading and
Hebrew Reading games as well as chesed where they wrote their
compliments to 2 classmates.

In Torah, we continued our discussion about leadership in the Exodus story.  
Through a short readers theatre which students did in pairs, students were able
to identify instances where Moses was reluctant to be the leader, and instances where
G-d gave Moses the confidence to be the leader.  
This will be further explored next week.

During the week we have been studying the holiday of Tu Bishvat.  
Last week they used iPads to do some research on Tu Bishvat.  
This week they will make an index card wall hanging of the information they found.

Students continue to enjoy visiting with Bar where through discussion and games,
they are learning about the Israeli scouts.

Upcoming this week
  1. Students will receive their copy of Mi Kamocha.
  2. Students will complete their Tu Bishvat Index card project.
  3. Students will further explore the concept of leadership in the Exodus story.


Please send your son/daughter with a kosher dairy or

pareve snack to eat during break time.

    Wishing everyone a great week!