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6th Grade

Posted on January 11, 2018

After coming back from Winter Break, we kicked off 2018 with a busy and exciting week for the 6th and 7th grade. We were introduced to our fabulous new assistant teacher, Hillary, who shared with us about her experiences teaching at a school for deaf students. We had the opportunity to ask her questions, learn about the difference in learning language as a deaf student, and hear about the way that the school is similar and different to our own experiences. 

We then took that conversation to apply to our own discussions in how we can make our own building and community more accessible. 
Specifically, we began to flush through our own suggestions, forming groups with specific topics. On Sunday January 21st (at Temple Beth Am), we are going to join together with students from Temple Beth Am (who have been doing similar lessons), to present our findings with members of the synagogue community. We will discuss what we found, propose feasible changes, and hear from these members of the synagogue, as well as learn about the other synagogue’s processes. 

Finally, we split into 6th and 7th grade groups, with the 6th graders practicing troupe with Cantor Ken, and the 7th graders having discussions about Hebrew and a Jewish community inclusion-focused video clip. 
On Sunday in the 6th grade class, we continued practicing the Hatzi Kaddish/Mourners Kaddish/Full Kaddish prayers. During this time, students were pulled out to practice Hebrew individually for short Hebrew assessments, so we know how to better teach and help each of our students. 
We also began a unit on Elijah the prophet, reviewing what we already knew about Elijah, learning about the life of Elijah the prophet, and reading several stories (midrashes) about Elijah. 
Finally, we began working on an Israel project for our new partner school in Haifa! We are sending pictures as well as biographies with Bar when he goes to Israel, to bring to students at our partner school. They will match the pictures with the biographies, in order to get to know us better! They will then send biographies back with Bar, for us to get to know them as well. This will be the start of our wonderful partnership, leading to further discussions, programs and meaningful activities throughout the year. 
Looking forward to continuing to learn with everyone next week!