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6th Grade

Posted on January 4, 2018

We hope you had a wonderful winter break and happy holiday season! 

This week in the 6th/7th grade, we had an exciting start to 2018. After a little bit of time off, we came back to the classroom ready to continue learning and exploring together. 
After joining the whole religious school for an all-school T’fillah, we began our session by welcoming our new assistant teacher, Hillary. We were really excited to learn about Hillary’s unique background, introduced ourselves, and recapped from our winter breaks. We then reviewed what we’ve been learning about inclusion in Judaism, particularly the ways in which Judaism allows for people of all backgrounds and abilities to participate in Jewish ritual and communal life. 
We then continued our tour of the Temple Israel building, putting together suggestions and concrete plans for making the space more accessible and inclusive. We are excited to put together our findings from our searches and see how our learning can be applied to create a tangible difference in our own community. 
Finally, we participated in a “four corners” activity. We were challenged to decide if we “strongly agree,” “agree,” “disagree,” or “strongly disagree” with various statements, ranging from “I enjoy being Jewish” to “I think I can make a difference as a Jew” to “I struggle with being Jewish.” Through this activity, we expressed our own opinions and beliefs, while stretching ourselves to learn from our peers’ understandings and experiences. 
Looking forward to continuing learning together throughout 2018!