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Grade 6 – Ken’s Trope Update

Posted on December 21, 2017

It’s been great learning to read Torah with the 6th graders this semester.  Here’s a quick update and what to review over break and through our next classes on January 9 and 10. (I won’t be here on January 2 and 3, and they will stay with our Teen Educator Katie Hamelburg until 6)

The kids should all be able to recognize every trope, know its name, and know its tune.  We’re starting to move a little faster now as we apply the trope and melodies to Torah portions.  Please check with your kids to make sure they can recognize and sing through all the trope; many of them can do so easily and some are having more trouble at the moment.  They should first memorize the names of the trope (using their flash cards), then make sure they’ve memorized the melodies, and then practice applying the melodies to Torah portions (as described below)
Thanks to our brave volunteers who are doing the first readings on January 6 & 20 at junior congregation.  I wanted to invite all the 6th graders (and siblings) to attend junior congregation when you can to support each other and to improve your synagogue skills and comfort level– dates are on this page.  The January readers should focus on their readings, and everyone else can turn to your Torah portion in your own bar/bat mitzvah folder for practice (let me know if you have questions or have trouble finding the portion).  A reminder to please reserve Sunday, May 19, Shavuot, a day when all the kids will read in our end-of-year celebration, and I’ll be in touch with other families about your dates to read at Jr Congregation or Synaplex (upcoming dates are February 10 at Synaplex, and March 3 & 24 at Jr Congregation)  
A reminder that recordings of all the trope and blessing as well as virtual copies of the packet can be found here:
Once we return in January, we’ll start working on the Haftarah blessings as well as using the Torah portions that the kids are working on for practice.
Thank you, and wishing you a good school vacation and happy secular new year!