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Second Grade Update

Posted on December 20, 2017

The “Betnikim” (Second Graders) have been busy celebrating Hanukkah in school.  We have all enjoyed lighting the candles together with the entire school and singing lots of songs.  The Men’s club party was terrific, complete with latkes, cider, gelt and some very competitive games of dreidel.  We decorated the room with hanging dreidels and drawings helping to bring the light into the darkest time of the year.  We played a Hanukkah themed game of Pictionary (the kids LOVE writing on the whiteboard) and heard lots of Hanukkah stories by my favorite children’s author, Eric Kimmel.

We begin each Hebrew class reviewing the letters and vowels we have learned and putting our 9×11 size cards on the whiteboard.  We have learned so many that we are beginning to run our of space! The class as a whole is working so hard reading with partners, reading to self and reading with a teacher or teen helper.  We are learning to look at the syllables in a word by clapping or scooping out the sounds like many of them do in school while learning English phonics.  Sometimes two letters will combine to make one sound, especially at the end of a word.  In a hope that everyone will spend a few minutes with Hebrew over vacation in order to keep their skills sharp, the students have the opportunity to earn three stickers over vacation.

I hope that all of the Bet Families have exciting adventures over vacation, the opportunity for some quallity family time and lots of down time.  Enjoy!