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Grade 2 Update

Posted on December 12, 2017

On Sunday mornings we often begin class with a little spoken Hebrew before T’filah at 9:20.  We have been asking each other “How are you?” in Hebrew, and have learned that the question is slightly different for a girl or a boy. (“Mah slomech?” or Mah Shlomcha?”)  We have learned some of the replies such as “Bseder” (OK), “Tov” (Good) and “Mitzuyan” (excellent). 

This week in Hebrew the students played some new reading games.  We played “Four in a Row” (which is in their text on page 43) and a game with words written on Popsicle sticks where you don’t want to pick a bumble bee by accident.  The students were all excited about reading and many of them were paired with students they do not normally work with-a winning situation all around!

 I hope that you are all looking forward celebrating Hannukah because your children are all VERY excited!  We’ve talked about the story and the miracles of the holiday,  and on Sunday we practiced the correct way to put the candles in the Hannukiya and in which direction to light the candles.  Everyone came up to the whiteboard to fill in the candles for different nights and “light”them in the correct direction. Ask your children if they remember how to do it. (The candles are put in starting from the right side and the newest candle is lit first.)  Some of the students began sharing the different way their families give Tzedekah during the holiday, I am looking forward to hearing more.