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Posted on December 11, 2017

Gesherstudents were amazing this morning!  We discussed two short stories, “The Cat who Thought She was a Dog and the Dog who Thought He was a Cat” by Isaac Bashevis Singer and “Look Not Upon the Flask” by Hanoch Teller.  While the story lines are quite different, there is a similar message; what’s inside is far more important than what’s on the outside or ‘you can’t tell a book by its cover.’  These stories and this maxim illustrate Pirkei Avot 4: 22, “Look not upon the flask, rather look at what’s in it.”
Bar Argaman introduced Gesher students to “the old man,” David Ben Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel and they learned many interesting things about this hero including the fact that he enjoyed standing on his head!

Hanukkah learning was based in multiple modalities: first students saw, heard and wondered about the miracle of the oil through a Torah Godly Play story telling experience.  Then they attempted a challenging matching activity, which was supported by a comic book style presentation of several aspects of Hanukkah including an incident involving an elephant and a beheading.  Curious? Ask a Gesher student!