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Grade 5

Posted on December 7, 2017

Dear families,
We’ve had a great week in Hebrew School! On Sunday, we discussed personal satisfaction and how it relates to Jewish values. For example, is having food a need or a want? What about a smart phone? How can being content with what we have lead to happiness? We also spent time brainstorming, as a class, and crafting questions to ask the Rabbi during our Q&A session with him this coming Sunday! In Hebrew, we practiced our reading fluency with a fun “I have, Who has” game with Hebrew words. The kids were timed on the clock and cut their time each round! On Tuesday and Wednesday, students enjoyed their electives and continued discussing the idea of miracles. Each of the students had a chance to share, in class, what they did in their electives and how it related to their interpretation of miracles. It was so interesting to hear what is happening in each of the classes. The students are expected to continue practicing their Hebrew reading and singing in the Vayehi Binsoa prayer. On Sunday, each student was given a sheet with the link to the Vayehi Binsoa melody, sung by our very own Cantor Ken! This can serve as a reference to help them in their reading and singing at home.

Students in the Lego elective placed finishing touches on their scenes this week. Then, each group made a film in which they told the stories that inspired their Lego scenes using voice overs. Each group explained how it took ometz lev, courage of the heart, the achieve the miracles portrayed in the Lego project. Students look forward to sharing their work next week!