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Grade 6

Posted on December 6, 2017

This week at Temple Israel, the 6th grade had a busy class. On Sunday, we began by continuing our Hebrew curriculum, further practicing the Hatzi Kaddish, and moving on to supplemental kaddish’s when finished with the Hatzi Kaddish. We checked homework participation, and practiced individually and in partners. We were extremely lucky to be joined by Diana, who taught our class in the past, who will be helping us with the Hebrew section of our curriculum for the remainder of the year—we’re really excited to have her in our class, and are looking forward to learning together throughout the year!
We then joined the 5-7th graders for morning T’fillah (prayers), and finished by continuing our Boston-Haifa projects. We talked about Katie’s connection to Haifa, having lived around the Haifa area for almost 2 years, learning about what makes Haifa unique and special. We then worked with our groups on our presentations, and are excited to demonstrate our work at the Boston-Haifa expo!
On Tuesday and Wednesday, with the 6th and 7th grade, we continued discussing the topic of Inclusion in Judaism, as a part of our B’nai Telem Curriculum. We read texts and various commentaries regarding Judaism’s view on being made in the image of G-d, and how this is reflective in our own personal differences. We also watched part of Katie’s performance at the United Nations this past week, discussing the significance of the November 29th vote at the UN, and learning about the history of the founding of the State of Israel.
We’re excited to continue learning together throughout this upcoming week!