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Grade 5 – Kitah Hey

Posted on November 29, 2017

Dear families,
On Tuesday in our Art elective, the students had a chance to draw or place printouts brought in from home on their boards. These drawings and printouts referred back to the students’ own interpretations of miracles. The students then spread modge podge all over their collages. While still wet, the students chose from a variety of different tiles to use in covering the top of their boards. Next week, we will begin grouting!:) These pieces of art look absolutely amazing and we are excited to continue discussing how this work connects back to the idea of miracles and courage. We can’t wait to see the finished products!

Students continue to make progress on their Lego models this week! Their designs are now coming to life by adding people, plants, weapons, and more background to all four scenes. We are thrilled to hear the language being used among students. They consistently offer to share, help one another, and work cooperatively throughout this project.  Equally impressive is the attention to detail and concentration we notice students place on their work.