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Grade 6 – Update

Posted on November 14, 2017

This Sunday was a busy day for the 6th grade at Temple Israel of Natick. 
We continued our Prophets, Hebrew, and Israel curricula, making big headways in all three sections. In our prophets section, we began discussing Samson, who many students were already somewhat familiar with. We watched a short clip about Samson, discussed how he was similar and different to the other prophets we’ve learned about thus far and discussed which prophet we find most relatable. 
We then spent time practicing the Hatzi Kaddish, making great strides with this prayer. Students began filling in their homework chart at home this past week, so we listened to the progress that we made, and continued to practice and learn together. 
Finally, we continued working on our “Boston-Haifa” Israel projects. By the end of last week, every group had written out what information they wanted to include in the presentation, and were given feedback to work on for this week. Each group is moving at their own pace, and is well on their way to creating exciting presentations for our Boston-Haifa Expo! Some groups began typing up their work, others finished their research, and others moved to practicing their presentations. We’re really excited to see how these projects progress throughout the rest of the semester!