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Grade 4 – Sunday November 12th

Posted on November 13, 2017

We had a fun week in Dalet this week!

We started our morning off with Hebrew practice, and they are really coming along! Some students have finished reading through all of Ashrei and are now working on reading it more fluently, and other students are continuing to work their way through the lines. Our goal is to be finished with Ashrei by November 20th, so remember to practice at home every day!

Since Bar was out sick today, we created a Jeopardy game about Israel. Our students divided up into teams and determined the categories: Talking Israeli, Holidays, Kids in Israel, Special Foods, Hit Songs of 100 Years, Soldiers and Agents, and Miscellaneous. Then, students collaborated with each other to come up with questions, and order them by level of difficulty. The students were very into it, and we didn’t get to finish, so we will continue next week!