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Grade 6 – Trope

Posted on November 9, 2017

Great to see the 6th graders yesterday and today!

We’ve been reviewing trope families 1 through 3, (tracks 1-3 here:, which give us the ability to chant about 2/3 of any Torah portion.
Here’s the assignment for this week: 
1) Review the first 3 trope families, being sure that you can recognize each symbol, know the name, and be able to sing the tune.  Be careful of the pairs of trope that look the same (and are placed differently around the word) and also the trope that appear in more than one family, sometimes with a different tune.
2) Go ahead and listen to trope families 4 and 5, on page 5 in the packet, which we’ll work on next week in class.  You can go ahead and make flash cards for these trope.  (you can put the “kadma v’azla” combination on one flash card instead of two)
3) Practice the trope using the v’ahavta paragraph of the Shema on page 12.  Read the words out loud, sing the trope names (for trope you know), and then put them together.  Note that my version of the trope melodies are slightly different from the most common trope variants used to sing v’ahavta, though I always lead it using my trope.  You can use tracks 33 and 34 on the website to check yourself– in the first one I sing the words, and the second just the trope names.
And a reminder to please aim for 10-15 minutes of practicing a day if you haven’t started individual lessons yet, and 20-30 minutes for those who have.