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Grade K – Gan Class Update 11-5-17

Posted on November 6, 2017

Hello Gan Clss Families!

Pajama Day was such a blast! We started the day watching this video with the Aleph Class.  It is a silly song about a Zebra trying to find the perfect outfit!

In the Sanctuary, Cantor Ken helped us to practice our morning prayers like Modeh Ani!  We are getting really good at the prayers and I was so impressed that many of the Gan Class students can share the meanings of parts of the prayers. 

Students illustrated pictures of the story of Adam and Eve in the workbooks to help remind them of the main idea of the story.  After hearing it a second time, and reviewing the story of Creation, students were able to share details of both stories.  The illustrations were great, many showing a man and a women leaving the garden.  Our next story will be about Adam and Eve’s sons, Cain and Abel.

Bar joined us this morning to share a story and help us participate in an activity.  He wanted to help us understand the impact that our words can have.  He asked us to study a black piece of paper.  We did and then he said to crumple it up! After that he asked us if the paper was the same.  This took some hard thinking.  It looked kind of the same.  It was still white and rectangular but there were lines that we couldn’t make go away.  We figured out that this was the same as when you hurt someone’s feelings.  You can say you are sorry, but the fact that you hurt them doesn’t go away easily, just like the creases in our papers.

Today we were crafty!  Students made everything they will need to welcome Shabbat on a Friday evening.  Many students included their first written Hebrew word on their covers.  Kiddush cups were decorated in a rainbow of colors and their clay candlesticks are decorated with gemstones.  These items are drying in our classroom and will go home with students next week.

Our mystery reader was Cantorial Intern, Dara Rosenblatt.  She read a  story called the Shabbat Princess.  It’s a cute story about a girl who wants to be the Shabbat Princess.  She helps her family prepare for the Shabbat meal and requests the best china and silver be used. The family realizes what a great experience it was and say they will do it again soon!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the Gan Class. 

See you all next week!