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Grade 4 Update

Posted on November 6, 2017

This week we had a very busy Sunday!

Bar led a fabulous lesson and activity about Yitzchak Rabin. We watched a brief video about who Yitzchak Rabin is, and what he is famous for. Students were challenged to create a memorial service for him with a program including a song, a quote, a guest speaker, and a personal story. Students worked hard, and didn’t want to stop to move on to something else!

As a community service this week, we spent half an hour helping organize and clean donations for the rummage sale. There was much to do, and we rolled up our sleeves and jumped right in.

We were lucky enough to attend Tefilah led by the cantorial intern Dara Rosenblatt. She taught us new nigunim (tunes), and it was a great experience overall.

In Hebrew we are nearing the end of Ashrei! According to our schedule, we should finish Ashrei before Thanksgiving! The students sound great in the first half, and are working through the second half. Please encourage them to practice every night AFTER line 20. The google voice number is also on their calendars to call every Friday.

Looking forward to a great week to come with electives!