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Grade 1 – Kitah Alef Has Pajama Day

Posted on November 5, 2017

Kitah Aleph students were adorable as well as comfortable in their pajamas today. The children enjoyed listening to and singing along with the Hebrew children’s song about a zebra who tries on various clothing items but decides that she really prefers wearing her pajamas (actually her stripes). Ask your children to say the words zebra and pajamas in Hebrew (here is a hint, the Hebrew for these words sound almost the same as the English).

The children learned a identify and sound out a new Hebrew letter today, the letter lamed. The mnemonic for this letter is that lamed has a lap. We also reviewed the other letters that we have learned previously. The children took turns reading to each other and especially liked making the Hebrew letters with their bodies.

For our torah lesson today, Kitah Aleph students acted out the story of Noah and the Ark. We examined a variety of children’s books about the story and admired how different illustrators have created different visions of how Noah and the Ark appeared and how the animals all managed to get along on the ark. In honor of the rainbow of colors that God sent at the end of the story, we practiced the names of the colors in Hebrew. The children played a game in which they had to go and find the correct colored sticky note after the color was called out in Hebrew.

As usual, we practiced tefillot with Cantor Ken and had fun with Bar, who read us a story reminding us to be careful and thoughtful about how we use words when speaking to each other. One of our most important Kitah Aleph rules is to remember to use kind words to each other.

Have a wonderful week. Joanne