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Grade 4 update

Posted on October 31, 2017

This week, Hilary was out of town, and the students were lucky to have Leslie Grossman with them. They continued their way through the book, “I Have Questions About God.” While reading each question, students were able to learn about perspectives of different Rabbis, and were able to offer their own perspectives as well! As usual, Bar led a fantastic lesson about Israel.

In Hebrew, we are up to line 35 of Ashrei. The students are doing a great job practicing and improving their reading. At home, please encourage students to practice and review their new lines, and sign their calendars for their sticker charts!-Hilary Henninger

4th grade- The fourth grade talked about the importance of shabbat and their interpretations regarding the story of the creation of the world. The students created wonderful drawings depicting each day of the story. The students also talked about why shabbat is important to them and their families. The students discussed their jewish identity and how they are forming their own beliefs and connections to the traditions of Judaism. The students also discussed briefly the importance of an Arc and created their own Arcs full of their most prized possessions. It was a really fun and creative day.-Sarah Wintman