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Grade 1 – Kitah Aleph Update

Posted on October 29, 2017

Kitah Aleph students reviewed the Hebrew letters learned in previous lessons (bet, shin and tav) and also learned a new letter today, the letter mem. It is very exciting to watch them recognizing the letters and beginning to sound them out when put together with the two “ah” vowels. We played Shimon Omer in Hebrew to practice vocabulary words such as yadayim (hands), rosh (head), raglayim (feet) and others. As always, the children very much enjoyed their visit from Bar who shared with them summaries and pictures of some of his favorite Hebrew childrens’ books. Kitah Aleph students also began a review of the torah stories that the children learned last year in kindergarten. We went over the creation story and each child chose a particular day of creation and item that God created to illustrate. Please feel free to stop by the room to see the wonderful days of creation mural that the children made. Have a wonderful week. Kol Tuv, Joanne