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Grade 6 Trop Class

Posted on October 28, 2017

In class this week we reviewed the first trope family (Etnachta) and learned the second one (Sof Pasuk)

Reminders that the students should bring each Tuesday or Wednesday

1) A folder or binder with their trope packet (and other papers later)

2) A set of 6 highlighters (preferably pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, & purple)

This week’s assignment (practicing 10-15 minutes a day): 

3) They should listen to tracks 1 & 2 on this page  to master the “Etnachta” and “Sof Pasuk” families, and should also make flashcards for the first 5 trope (Mercha, Tipcha, Munach, Etnachta & Sof Pasuk), which we went over in class.  Flash cards should have the trope symbol on one side of the card and the name on the other, and they can put those in their folder to show me next week.  They can feel free to listen ahead to track 3, which we’ll get to next week. 
If you want to review the introductory letter click here.  Feel free to call or email with questions.  I’m emailing parents and 6th graders if I have your addresses (if you have additional addresses I should send updates to, please let me know.  Thanks!   — Cantor Ken