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Grade 3 – Gimel Goings On

Posted on October 24, 2017

Shalom Gimel Families,

Students have started working on the Barachu and Yotzer Or prayers and are doing a great job.  During the week we talked about how the Barachu is a call and response prayer and is our call to pray with our community.  We took turns being Tefillah leaders and congregants and learned the movements that go with Barachu.  Yesterday we talked about the root letters bet, resh and chaf, and students had an opportunity to look for words contained in the Barachu and other blessings that have these root letters, during station rotation time.  The other 2 stations this week were Tefillah where students worked in small groups to read the Yotzer Or prayer, and Hebrew reading where students read from a reading packet to practice their decoding skills.

During Tefillah students joined the Dalet class for morning prayers led by Robin.  As part of the Amidah students participated in a movement activity where they created a pose for each of the 18 blessings in the Amidah.  Students also explained why they chose their pose!

In Torah students completed their visual representations of their ideal community and a slide show was made on Google Slides.  The first Jewish Value in Exodus to be examined is courage, through the story of the midwives saving the lives of Hebrew baby boys in Egypt.  Students were introduced to the concept of courage through a journal activity where they described what they think courage looks like, feels like and sounds like.  We also paired up to do a trust fall – and students learned they could trust all of their classmates to protect them from falling!  This week, during the weekday classes, students will read the story of the midwives and discuss how they had the courage to disobey Pharaoh for the good of their community.

Wishing everyone a good week!