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Grade 2 – 10/23/17

Posted on October 24, 2017

 There is a Hebrew saying that translates to “After the Holidays” whcimeans that things might be on hold during the holidays but afterwards it’s time to get back to work and routines.  I feel that this is a great way to describe Second Grade this week with more time to focus on our Hebrew work and beging to look at the Torah stories.

“Gimmel goes for a goal” and “Dalet has a dent”! As we practiced reading and writing Gimmel and Dalet this week  anyone passing by wolud have heard these mnenomic tricks echoing off our classroom walls.  I hope that everyone has the oppurtunity to see, and perhaps play with, our Alef Bet cards at home.  We have begun using the cards on a regular basis in class, combining the letters ad vowels to make simple sounds and multi syllabic words. The students were excited to show me their homework logs and get stickers for compltedwork, please remember to sign the homework sheets.

In our Torah studies we began the story of  creation.  We learned about what God created on each day and that people are said to be created in God’s image.  When we discussed what this could mean the kids had great ideas including that there might be a drop of God in each of us or that God might look like a combination of everyone.  We also discussed how we can be God’s partners in creation by caring for others and everything that God created as well as using our brains and talent to create new things like computers (and pizza!).