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Grade 2

Posted on October 17, 2017

Phew!!  We made it through the Fall Holidays.  At my house it’s time to put away the Sukkot decorations until next year and begin looking ahead to the next adventures and celebrations.
It was wonderful to host the Tuesday kids in my Sukkah. As we munched on Veggie Sticks we heard some stories, decided which historical figure, celebrity or family member each of us would invite into the Sukkah, sang songs with my husband Dubi, and heard stories about Sukkot in Israel from Bar.
It was great to see some of you at Temple Israel for Simchat Torah-always such a fun time for kids-and on Shabbat immediately after the holiday. 
I hope that everyone enjoyed sharing information about the Hebrew names in your families on Sunday morning.  The kids are very excited about learning them.  While the adults were learning about different ways to create wimples the kids were busy making nametags for the classroom desks.  Thanks to Bar many of the kids have their names written in Hebrew as well!
Despite being so busy with all of the holidays we have also begun our Hebrew curriculum.  We have learned the letters Shin ש, Bet ב, and Tav ת.  For some of the students this is a review while for others this is new material.  We have also learned two vowels which make the “ah” sound-and have practiced putting the letters and vowels together to read sounds and simple words.  We can read the words שבת, Shabbat and בת (bat), daughter or girl.  The students have begun using cards that they can manipulate for reading exercises and games.  Ask your kids the “tricks” for remembering the sound of each letter.  Each child has a binder with these cards in a special pouch.  Look for the binders to begin coming home with short homework assignments.  The work is meant to reinforce what is learned in class and should take no more than 5-7 minutes.