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Dear 5th Graders

Posted on September 12, 2017

Dear Fifth Graders, 
Welcome to Kitah Hey! My name is Tali and I will be your Judaic Studies teacher. I was once a student at Temple Israel and am now proud to be teaching at this wonderful school for the second year.  I have two amazing twin girls at home who recently turned two years old and you can expect to hear silly stories about them from time to time. Before becoming a mother, I taught elementary school full-time for eleven years and loved every moment of it. I love working with kids and making a classroom a community in which every member belongs! 
I am excited to have fun and learn a lot together in the coming months! While we learn about Jewish values, we will also be living them in the classroom. The most important part about being a part of our community is the way in which you treat yourself and others.  You will have the opportunity to explore ways in which you can build yourself up while while lifting those around you throughout the year.  We will use Hevrutah study often in the classroom. This means you will be working in partners and groups for much of our time together. You have so many great ideas to share with one another! 
We will use The Living Jewish Values series,, as our base texts to spark rich discussions and create opportunities for personal reflection. There will be plenty of opportunities for creative and artistic reflection, guided written reflection, and many thoughtful, rich discussions throughout the year.  I hope you will learn as much from one another as you do from your teachers and our books. 
Diana and I make a great teaching team who love to make Hebrew school interesting and fun. We are so excited to meet you this week and begin our journey together! You are welcome to contact us with any questions.