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Posted on June 9, 2017

Dear Kitah Vav Parents,
 We had a nice last day of Sunday school on June 4, filled with fresh fruit and ice cream, plus the Gesher service in the sanctuary. 
The Gesher class had a chance to shine as they led Shacharit so beautifully, and we got a chance to see their values and creativity in the videos they wrote and produced. The videos were quite wonderful! Your students will lead this same service as the culmination of their studies in Gesher next year. 

Over the years, as a Hebrew School teacher, I like to revisit what I see as my mission in partnering with parents to transmit Jewish values, knowledge, and culture. I met most of my goals for your students, if the student was open to meeting me. I believe real learning happened this year, and even some fun Jewish experiences!  Thank you for entrusting your children to TI religious school; it has been an honor to teach them.

I want to thank you for your most generous Amazon gift card. I’m hooked on all that Amazon provides: books, movies, tv series downloads, and gadgets of all sorts. I will put your gift to quick use. Rav Todah!

My plans going forward:
I will not be returning to teach at TI, as I will be taking my fourth unit of chaplaincy in the fall.  This is a six month internship at Boston Medical Center, after which I can apply for certification.  Presently I am the Jewish chaplain at The Spaulding Rehab Hospitals. 

I wish all a safe, fun summer.
 Kol tuv, all the best,

 Rav Elana