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Posted on April 6, 2017

Dear Kitah Vav Families,
 We had an eventful day of visitors last Sunday, and will have another eventful day this Sunday, April 9.
       Last Sunday a delightful fellow named Nadav came to class to lead the students in an exploration of Jewish identity and Jewish values.  Nadav did this through games and role play.  He represents a new overnight camp that will open next Summer for Grade Seven students.
       After that we did some work on the important Hebrew roots in the two Haftarah Blessings that your students are working on with Cantor Ken and with me.   Our next visitors, Dor and Niso, were young Israeli men who volunteered to teach in the U.S., taking a gap year before entering the IDF (Israeli Army).  They led the students through some thought-provoking games, and then spoke about life in Haifa, showing us two videos and leading a discussion about December holidays as celebrated communally in Haifa. These young men, called Shinshinim, also talked about their aspirations for their future: first in the defense forces, then university, and then career.
       We are working our way through the Book of Nevi’im, Prophets.  Each Torah portion is connected to a portion from Prophets.  We have read stories from Joshua and Judges, and will move on to Samuel this week.
       We continue to work on prayers, and the meanings/values found within our key prayers, as reflected in the verb roots.  This week, along with the Aleinu prayer, we will be reviewing the Haftarah Blessings before and after the chanting of Haftarah.
      This coming Shabbat, on Friday evening, April 7, Kitah Vav students have been asked to lead V’Shamru during services.  I hope that your kids can be there to come forward and lead.
       This Sunday, April 9,  we will start out in the Social Hall at 9am with a program for students and parents on “Confronting Antisemitism.”  Our guest teachers are from the Anti-Defamation League, and will lead  this workshop.
      Also, be sure to mark your calendars:  Sunday, April 30 is the Grade Six Yad Workshop.  Students have an opportunity to create their own yad to use when they chant Torah.  That is our first Sunday after the school vacation break.  Weekday Hebrew school resumes on April 25/26.
I wish all a “zissen Pesach!”    !חג פסח שמח!    A sweet and joyous Passover, and a safe, fun April school vacation.
Rav Elana