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Grade K – Gan Class Update 3-26-17

Posted on March 27, 2017

Hello Gan Class Families!

Thank you so much for sending in those egg cartons!  We were able to put them to good use making some decorations for dinner on April 7th!

During Teffilah this morning, we continued to practice leading the chorus of L’cha Dodi.  I can’t wait for you to hear us at Kabbalat Shabbat!  We also spent time refreshing our memories about the order of the seder with some cute hand motions and sang the 4 Questions so that we can be ready for the seders in just 2 weeks.

Our new Torah story takes place several generations after Noah built the Ark.  In this story we followed the journey of Abram and Sarai on their way to Canaan.  In future stories, we will know them as Abraham and Sarah.

Today we learned two new letters.  The first was koof which makes the sounds k- and begins the word keshet which means rainbow.  Students have already learned the other two letters in the word keshet and together we were able to spell the whole word!  Our second letter was yud.  Students seemed confident that they would remember this letter because it is so small.  Yud makes the sound y- and beings the word yad.

The Celebrations Topic today had us exploring the world!  We used a mat to mark off all of the places where we knew someone Jewish lived.  Students shared about lots of friends and family members as we filled out the map.  Once we were finished, students realized that Jewish people live all over the world and even though places around the world are different, being Jewish makes us all the same in one way.  Check out what our map looked like…

Please remember to sign up to join us for dinner on April 7th by March 31st.

See you all next week!