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Trope Update from Cantor Ken – Haftarah Blessings

Posted on March 23, 2017

We’re snowed out on Tuesday, and if we’re back in school, we’ll be on for Wednesday.
A couple quick reminders: 
1) A reminder to please make arrangements for the 6th graders to take off school for at least the morning of Wednesday, May 31, for our Shavuot end-of-year celebration, and for parent/s and/or another adult to be able to be with them.  (for those of you who will be out of town on this date, I’ve noted that, but I’ll start to divide up portions for everyone else soon)
2) For those students with Torah readings coming up, please work on those!
3) The students should be practicing regularly and should be getting fluent with the blessings before and after the Haftarah (tracks 14 and 16-21 on this page: https://tiofnatick.org/Torah, links are also below)
  1. Blessing Before Haftarah 
  2. Blessing After Haftarah 1 
  3. Blessing After Haftarah 2 
  4. Blessing After Haftarah 3 
  5. Blessing After Haftarah 4 
  6. Blessing After Haftarah 5 
  7. Blessing After Haftarah 6 
Thanks, and stay safe and warm!