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Grade K – Gan Class Update 3-19-17

Posted on March 20, 2017

Hello Gan Class Families!

I am so glad that the forecast of snow didn’t prevent us form having another wonderful morning together.

During Tefillah this morning we began learning the chorus of L’cha Dodi a song from Kabbalat Shabbat.  We will have the opportunity to help lead this prayer on Friday, April 7th at the Religious School sponsored Shabbat dinner.  We will continue to practice each week with Cantor Ken to make sure we sound spectacular on the 7th!  To prepare for Passover, we have also begun to practice the Four Questions.  Many of the Gan Class students were already familiar with them.  Cantor Ken taught us some hand motions to help us learn the meaning of each of the questions.  

We illustrated our ideas about the Tower of Babel story after a quick review of all the stories we already know.  Students are looking forward to meeting some new characters in our Torah stories next week,

There were two new letters today.  Mem makes the sound m- and begins the word mezzuzah. Aleph is very tricky.  Like ayin, it has no sounds when its all alone.  A word that we learned that begins with aleph is aron kodesh which is the ark where the torahs are kept.  We practiced all of our letters and sounds with Bina and worked on our letter recognition skills through some word work activities. 

In our Celebrations curriculum, we explored the building in search of mezzuzot.  We first learned about the mezzuzah and how it contains the Shema.  We searched the Temple and found 28 mezzuzot of different shapes, sizes and materials. During our exploration, students noticed that not all of the doors had a mezzuzah and wanted to know who they could talk to about changing that.  We also learned about the Shema.  This important prayer is around us all the time. We discussed what the prayer meant, and how it helps us connect to God and the Gan Class students had some excellent ideas!  We also practiced saying the Shema with our fingers in the shape of a shin.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the Gan Class.

Have a wonderful week!