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alef–Purim 3-12-17

Posted on March 13, 2017

First, thank you so much for including me in your mishloach manot baskets.  It was most thoughtful of you.  I will share the goodies with my husband.  The hamantaschen were delicious!
Today was the culmination of our unit on Purim.  Some of us wore costumes (I was Super Hamantashen.).  See the letter I sent you, with a picture of the class, Cheryl, and me in our costumes.  Cheryl is the Morton Salt girl—“when it rains, it pours.”
We retold the story, booing Haman.  We reviewed the mitzvot of Purim: hearing the megillah, celebrating, giving mishloach manot (at least two different foods) to friends, and giving tzedakah to the poor.  Using the Hebrew alphabet, we reviewed everything from Esther to Teresh (one of the king’s would-be assassins).
STORY:   We read a book called Can You Guess? Purim Big Book. We reviewed Purim—Esther, Mordecai, Ahashuerus, Haman, Vashti, Adar, the gregger, and more.  The children applied objects to this Purim book.
CRAFT:  Students created a gregger to “give Haman a headache.”  We used them in the tefillah at the end of the day.  First we said several tefillah like the shema backwards.  Then Robin, Cantor Ken, and Rabbi Liben led us in a reading of It Happened in Shusham as the megillah.. They used their greggers to drown out Haman’s name.
HEBREW:  Our Hebrew lesson today was the vowel sound “ee,” represented by a . under any letter.  Some examples are “eema” (mother), “tzipporah” (bird), and “mayeem” (water).  We also learned  עayin.  Some words beginning with ע are etz (tree), etz hayyim (rollers for the Torah), ayin (eye), and eparon (pencil).
Judy and Cheryl  (Esther and Tzipporah)