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Grade 1/Kitah Alef Godly Play Tu B’Shevat 2-5-17

Posted on February 6, 2017

Dear families
What a wonderful day!  Of course, I always enjoy being with the alef class.
First, we took part in the tefillah, along with the kindergarten.  Several students offered their own morning blessings.  One wished for candy. Another wished for a continuing good home.  Then three students held the Israeli flag for Hatikvah.
Back in the classroom, it was time for HEBREW: We learned the letterו vav.  Some  וwords are Vashti (the queen before Esther), vav (hook), and vered (rose).  As usual, pairs reviewed the letters we have learned so far.  Some students then put the Hebrew alphabet in order using my magnetic letters or the wooden alef-bet puzzle Ariel brought us from Israel last year. We all enjoyed snack with blessings.

GODLY PLAY:  this was our first opportunity to engage in Godly Play for holidays.  In December, thanks to Temple Israel, I attended a two-day workshop at Hebrew College to learn the techniques of involving the children in the stories.  Today, we learned about planting trees for the next generation. Ask your children what happened   The class explored “I wonder” questions—“I wonder which part you liked best,” “I wonder what would happen if no one planted.”  We next discussed why trees are important—they give us shade, fruit, a home for animals, oxygen, etc.  The children examined our role in taking care of the earth.

REINFORCEMENT:  Students completed two papers—drawing their idea of a perfect tree. Then they rotated to the other table to write and draw how to take care of the earth.  Many wrote and illustrated their intention to clean up the earth and not litter.  Great ideas expressed by the class!

BOOKS AND LEARNING GAMES:  I brought in books on the holiday, such as A Tree is Nice.  Many students played  my games about planting trees.

We concluded with Tu B’Shevat songs such as “Tree of Life,” “Trees are Blowing in the Wind,” and “Plant a Seed.”

I can hardly wait until next Sunday!

Judy and Cheryl (Esther and Tzipporah)