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Grade 6 Update 1/29/17

Posted on January 30, 2017

January 29, 2017

Dear Kitah Vav Parents,
Before class even started today a student helped me hide puzzle pieces.  His classmates quickly found the twelve pieces that were cleverly hidden, some in plain sight!  When the puzzle was put together students recognized the prayer, and could sing it, but were not quite sure when it was sung. (Beginning of Torah Service)  That was a way of introducing our final activity of the day.  Each pair of students was given a blank puzzle (51/2 X 8″) and verses from the Torah Service that Grade Five is learning, plus stickers and markers to decorate their puzzle. Next Sunday we will go to Gr. 5 first thing in the morning with our puzzles.  Gr. 6 will be with the teachers and work with small groups of fifth graders first thing next Sunday, Feb. 5.

We continue to explore prophets.  Pairs of students were assigned a set of verses in Torah. Locating these verses in the Aytz Hayyim was not as easy as it sounds, but that was part of the lesson.  The verses described the special mission of four biblical ancestors and one “outlier” named Balaam.  Four were prophets, people who spoke directly to G-D and led the Jewish people. (Abraham, Moses, Aaron, and Miriam) and then there’s Balaam, a non-Jewish prophet.  Ask your students about Balaam.

We had tefillah with Gesher in the sanctuary and thought about when we experience holiness, placing our post-it notes on four different sheets headed by phrases about experiences of holiness:  I see G-D when… I experience G-D when… and so forth.  We then had the Call to Prayer and davenned the Amidah, which has the Kedusha as its third part.  In Hebrew Kedusha means holiness.

 Next Sunday is the World Wide Wrap at 10am.  I am very curious about that, and am looking forward to it.  I’ll be reviewing the tefillin blessings in preparation for next Sunday’s Wrap.

 Wishing you all Shavua Tov, a very good week.
 Rav Elana