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Grade 1: Alef–Hanukkah, December 18, 2016

Posted on December 19, 2016

Thank you so much for your gifts to us.  It was very thoughtful of you to get me a gift card to buy books!  Thank you also for making sure that everyone donated toilet tissue for Family Table! (My synagogue gives canned fruits and vegetables).
First a community get-together for Hanukkah songs, led by Cantor Ken.  We enjoyed latkes and cider—and everyone got a dreidel.
Back in class. I took a photo of everyone wearing their new painted kippot.  They look wonderful!
Our Hebrew lesson today was the letter chafכ –no words begin with chaf, but it is I the word kochav, “star.”  I explained that Hanukkah and hallah begin with het, which we have not studied yet.  The mnemonic is “chaf has a cough, but no cough drop.”  Then snack with brachot.

We brainstormed Hanukkah, from my pictures.  Ann Green, assistant teacher in gan, shared her poem with us, about how to place and light the candles.  Then we read A Family Hanukkah, how one extended family celebrates and remembers the holiday.  We discussed why it was necessary to clean out the Temple.  One student asked what would have happened if the Jews had lost—Judaism might not have survived.  We talked about the oil lasting for eight days.
Then we made our gift to you—a photo magnet for the refrigerator.  I hope that you enjoy it.  I also hope that the children enjoy my little gift to them—puzzles and pencils. 
At the end of the day—some Hanukkah singing, games, and more chances to play Dreidel.  They also received chocolate gelt.
Happy Hanukkah.  No Sunday class until January 8, 2017.
Judy and Cheryl (Esther and Tzipporah)